“John comes through when I need something in a hurry or if I don’t. He is very knowledgeable and if he doesn’t know something he will find out on his own time. I am very happy with his work for me and recommend him to anyone looking for website support from a person who knows a lot. John works at a reasonable rate and is very trustworthy and reliable. Anne Bachrach, The Accountability Coach”

Anne Bachrach, Owner, The Accountability Coach

“John, is very dependable and conscious of what he does. Has been a good listener and pays close attention to detail”

Benny Tanga,

“John does good work, is very complete and thorough, and great to work with. His is very honest and can be trusted with sensitive information. If you need a professional website at reasonable cost, I can recommend John.”

Bob Duffy, Executive, San Diego Songwriters Guild

“John is a dedicated and reliable business partner of the highest integrity. His work with the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild has been exemplary, and SDSG has relied on his solid support for many years.”

MarkHattersley, Owner, Bohemia Productions

“John is a very reliable and great developer. He always sees the big picture and readily volunteers to work on any project put before him. His coding and design skills have always been top-notch! I would be happy to work with John on any project.”

Tim Yim, Software Engineer, PINT, Inc.

“I worked with John for several years and was always impressed with his ability to adapt to the changing demands of our clients and systems and to deliver high quality work. He excelled at interacting with our clients, establishing and maintaining excellent working relationships with them and paying close attention to their needs. He never backed off from challenges and I enjoyed my time working with him.”

Ryan Mashburn, VP Technology, 42Media

“John was a talented and versatile addition to our team. He was easy to collaborate with and made projects better for being involved. His knowledge of web design and application was an enormous benefit to us.”

Luke Byers, Associate Creative Designer, USAOPOLY