John Pape Jr

John Pape Jr multi talented musician, author, web designer, songwriterWHO IS JOHN

John Pape Jr is a musician, composer and songwriter web designer and multimedia specialist. He lives with his wife Nancy,  and son Gavin in El Cajon California.

John has loved music all his life. His first musical experience was playing the violin at the Bostonia Elementary School Orchestra and singing in the Glee Club.

During high school John got a guitar. This began a new venture that has continued to this day. Learning all he could about the guitar and music John became a very competent musician. The enthusiasm for this instrument led him to become involved with various rock bands. At first these groups played popular cover tunes. Eventually, John’s desire to express more artistic creativity led him to collaborate with others to write original music.

Love of Music

Out of this a home recording studio was created and at the same time the songs were being performed with a music group. Most of the venues were at local San Diego establishments.

Music is a wonderful thing.” says John, “It has the unique ability to invoke emotions without any words. Add Lyrics and the words meanings are enhanced tenfold.” John continued to say, “Music is such an integral part of life. I love the creation of a new song.”

Computer Knowledge Meets Music

Currently John has integrated his love for music with many years of computer knowledge. He was able to install a sound board and some notation software and started to compose. “The computer is a wonderful tool. It allows a person to multiply their talent mostly through time saving.” Said John. Using the computer John is able to compose, arrange, and orchestrate an entire song. This technology had given him an expanded appreciation of his creative talents.

Using MIDI technology offers the advantage of portability. An entire “Musical Group” can be transported on a disk or even through the Internet. Samples of Mr. Pape’s compositions can be found here

John Pape Jr desires to share his love of music with others. His vision revolves around the opportunity to share his God given talent and abilities to enrich, edify, encourage others. Listening to John Pape’s Music can do that. It has also led him to author the book Building a House of Worship

Looking to the future there are many avenues in which his musical creations can be used. “I would like to see the music used in several applications like

  • Jingles,
  • Computer Games,
  • Multimedia,
  • Film,
  • Dance

If you would like to contact John regarding a project that requires MIDI based musical compositions, he can be reached at 619-593-9483

Experienced Web Designer and Developer

I am an experienced web designer/developer with a keen artistic/graphics ability. I am seeking a position in which I can exercise my creative side as well as my ability to build functional web sites. I am a responsible Web Designer/Developer with several years of experience in the areas of design, development and maintenance of business and corporate web sites. Range of experience includes; basic web page development to fully operational E-commerce sites, the conversion of existing sites from HTML to PHP, and the implementation of multimedia features. I pride myself on the quality work that is completed within deadline and meets the client’s requirements.

John Pape Jr Portfolio Gallery

Work Experience

Web Development

4/2007 Spherion Technologies, San Diego, CA

On site contract with Digitaria updating navigation for NBC affiliate web site. The goal of the project is to take the navigation and combine it into one include file. This required analysis of the navigation for the site. Then I extracted the appropriate code and place the html code in a single include file. Then I replaced the existing HTML with a single include statement. The benefit is the navigation in now editable though one file.

Web Design Project

1/2006 – 2016 Silent Voices, Chula Vista, CA

For this project I designed the user interface layout using Photoshop and GIMP. Produced a Flash introduction. Built the site architecture and navigation system.Visit this site

Web Designer/Developer

3/2005 – 3/2010 Autoleap, San Diego, CA

Build websites for Auto Dealerships around the country. Maintain vehicle inventory through MySql Database. FTP photos. Code PHP scripts both upgrades and creation. Using graphic arts software (Photoshop) create page layouts for clients. Create flash movies with animations and menu interfaces.


4/2002 – Present San Diego Songwriters Guild, San Diego, CA

Update look and feel of site by redesigning the skin of the site. Converted the San Diego Songwriter’s Guild web site from HTML based to PHP template based. The conversion enabled the members to access more of the sites benefits. Using PHP I have created a template based web site. This makes it easy to update global elements. Installed a message board and interactive calender of events. Routine maintenance is performed to include new activities of this organization. I continue to be responsible for the continual upgrades and maintenance for this site.


12/1997 – Present Mediatunes, El Cajon, CA

Develop and design website for music composition services.Covered all phase of web site development.

  • Domain name registration
  • Server Selection
  • FTP
  • Page design



6/1998 – 4/2006 Bachrach and Associates, Inc., San Diego, CA


As the web architect to Bachrach & Associates, Inc., I have taken it from a basic web page to a fully operational E-commerce site. In addition I was able to implement many multimedia features including audio and video streaming. I continue to be responsible for continual upgrades and maintenance for this site.This is a freelance position in which I developed their e-commerce website. These are the items that I perform in this position..

  • HTML coding
  • Image creation.
  • Page Layout
  • PHP programing
  • MySql Implementation
  • Install and configure GCI scripts
  • Javascript
  • Site selection
  • Domain registration
  • Maintain updates etc.

Visit the site at

Vice President / Manager

2/1974 – 12/2004 Pape Enterprises Inc, El Cajon, CA

This is a small family run business that manufactures fiberglass products. I have been involved with many facets of this company including work involving the company’s web-site.

  • Create, update and maintain websites.
  • CSS Design layout for web pages
  • Dreamweaver
  • File Conversion
  • Flash
  • Graphic Arts
  • HTML Coding
  • JavaScript
  • Linux
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MySql
  • PhotoShop
  • PHP Programing