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    Worship Background

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    Looking for Worship Backgrounds for your church services? Here you will find a collection of 41 quality worship backgrounds. Mediatunes’s worship backgrounds provide worship leaders creative ways to produce a quality visual worship service. Use these images as a background for any worship lyrics. These worship backgrounds are available in PowerPoint and PDF formats.

    We put these images in a package to make it easy for you to obtain several images for your worship service projection.

    The purchase of this image collection provides the following Usage License:

    • Allows licensee to make one copy, backup or archive the Content as necessary
    • Allows licensee to use the Content in virtually any kind of corporate setting: church services, conferences, Bible studies, multimedia presentations, film and video presentations, commercials, etc.
    • Licensee may not use the Content in templates for resale.
    • Licensee may not Copy, duplicate, replicate or re-master the Content in any way.
    •  Licensee may not Broadcast the Content over the Internet, radio or television.
    • Licensee may not Provide the Content in downloadable format on the internet or use the Content on a website
    •  Licensee may not Repackage the Content with any other collection of media products for distribution or resale.

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