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John Pape is a songwriter and guitarist from El Cajon, California. He began playing the guitar during his high school years and started writing his own songs as a teenager. John ‘s faith came to be an integral part of his life during his 20’s and naturally found its way into his music.

During high school, John got a guitar and began learning all he could about the instrument and music. This led him to become involved with various rock bands, where at first they played popular cover tunes, but eventually his desire for more creative expression led him to write original music.

Out of this a home recording studio was created and at the same time the songs were being performed with his band at the time. Most of the venues were at local San Diego establishments.

John’s music is an expression of his faith and a way for him to connect with God. He believes that his songs are a form of worship and a way to minister to others. His lyrics are aligned with biblical truth and offer encouragement, hope and inspiration to those who are going through difficult times. He wants his music to serve as a reminder that we are not alone and that no matter what we are going through, God has a plan for our lives.

John continues to write and record music, with a goal of reaching and ministering to as many people as possible with his music. He has a passion for using his platform to share the gospel and to lead others to a deeper relationship with God.

Currently John is working on a project to release several new Praise and Worship songs that were written to build and encourage Christians in their daily walk.

John is also author of the book “Building a House of Worship”. The book was written as a guide to Christian church worship leaders to better minister to the people they serve as they use their gift of music.

Music is a wonderful thing.” says John, “It has the unique ability to invoke emotions without any words. Add lyrics and the words meanings are enhanced tenfold.” John continued to say, “Music is such an integral part of life. I love creating new songs.

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