Music Use License

Purchasing and downloading a royalty free music file from this site entitles you or your named business to use the royalty free music in any of your productions. This can be as many productions and for as long as you want.

1. The Mediatunes Project grants this license to the named individual or business (Licensee). By purchasing music and/or receiving music from The Mediatunes Project Licensee agrees to abide by the terms of this license.

2. This license is non-transferable and is validated by proof of purchase. Licensee cannot share, re-sell, reproduce or otherwise transfer music to any other individual(s) or business. In co-productions, all partners must be licensed by The Mediatunes Project. Contact us for rates.

3. Uses may be worldwide and are non-exclusive.

4. This license grants mechanical & synchronization rights to use the music in an audio/visual context. The music must be in synchronization with other audio and/or visual effects.

5. The music may not be used unaccompanied or as a solo item, or incorporated into other music catalogs or any device capable of reproducing the music as a solo item. Licensee may only duplicate the music for the purposes of allowing synchronization (see 4 above), or for archiving/achieving compatibility with licensee’s production equipment.

6. The copyright does not transfer to the licensee. All rights remain the property of the copyright owner.

7. This license does not include performance rights. When music from The Mediatunes Project is to be performed publicly including but not limited to television & radio broadcasts, the composer names and track details (title, duration, etc.) must be given to the broadcaster to forward to ASCAP. This is done via ‘cue sheets’. This is so that money already paid by the broadcaster can be allocated to the composers, otherwise the Performance Rights organization retains it. As a production company this costs the Licensee nothing.

8. The Licensee hereby agrees to defend and indemnify The Mediatunes Project its agents and employees free from any suit of damages or any other responsibility, resulting from use of the music by Licensee, including claims against Licensee by third parties resulting from any use of the music. The total liability, if any, of The Mediatunes Project to Licensee shall in no event exceed the amount paid to The Mediatunes Project by the Licensee under this agreement.

9. If the Licensee does not comply with the terms of this license, or fails to pay for the license of the music, all rights granted to Licensee shall terminate, and The Mediatunes Project reserves the right to any other remedy available by law. Any disputes shall be subject to settlement under California law.

10. License may be amended by The Mediatunes Project only by notifying Licensee giving 30 days notice of any revisions. License may not be amended by Licensee unless by agreement in writing with The Mediatunes Project and signed by The Mediatunes Project.

11. Any use not specifically included in this agreement shall be considered to be outside the terms of this agreement. Direct any queries to The Mediatunes Project, or write to The Mediatunes Project, 445 N Cuyamaca St, El Cajon, CA, 92020, USA.

12. The Mediatunes Project music may be used, subject to aforementioned conditions, for Television, radio, corporate (video, dvd, CD-ROM CD’s etc. for non-public viewing such as training aids, corporate videos, weddings, with a production run not exceeding 5000 units), presentations, mass-market retail distribution (including but not limited to video, DVD, CD etc., not including software) with a production run not exceeding 5000 units, Internet (only in a streamed format prohibiting illegal downloading and use), films (except where shown to paying audience or distributed commercially – educational/competition/student films are allowed)

13. Licensee agrees to contact The Mediatunes Project for specific terms when music is used within films (distributed commercially or played to paying audiences), theatrical presentations, mass-market retail goods with a production run exceeding 5000 units, corporate (see above) with a production run exceeding 5000 units or for general public viewing, and any uses not specifically referred to in this agreement. In these instances, purchase of a download music file does not automatically grant a license for use.