How can you use this music?

There are many positive ways you can use music to soothe, inspire & motivate!  Here are some ideas how you can benefit by using this music to complement your experience with God…

  • Worship Service Use this music to bless your congregation by offering song that glorify God.
  • Outreach Use the music for outreach into your community. The message in these songs help spread the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.
  • Camps and Retreats Use this music to help foster community during camps and retreats.
  • Education Youth Leaders & Educators to start discussions in classroom settings
  • Reflection Play a song during reflection time in a seminar, workshop, retreat or service

Do I need permission?

I write music to share, to be heard, and to touch a many people as I can, I encourage you to use this music in your daily life, sing, meditate, pray and share it will those you love. So YES you do have John Pape’s permission to play these songs in group settings. We ask that you please email me the titles of the song(s) you are using and how they are being received.

Music, Lyrics & Charts made available through The Mediatunes Project (ASCAP) are copyright protected and registered with CCLI. They are not to be sold. Please feel free to copy and distribute to your worship team only and for the purpose of including these songs in your worship services and/or church programs. Please report usage of these songs to CCLI per your CCLI license. If you do not have a CCLI license please contact CCLI at: For all other licensing needs please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate publishers.

LICENSING: If you plan to use the songs in a recording, just click here for complete details * discuss licensing *