Building a House of Worship


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“Worship Leaders Discover Practical Methods, Concepts and Ideas That Will Greatly Improve Your Ministry.”

This book is for anyone who is involved in a music ministry that leads people in the worship of God. It is inspired from an Old Testament story. In this story you will learn what God desires for His people. This book centers around the example of an amazing building project. The building of the a Temple. The project is lead by King Solomon. He directs Israel through the awesome task of building this amazing temple for God. Finally, it culminates in perhaps one of the most beautiful examples of the power of God. This is when everyone involved is directed toward the same goal. And because of that unity amongst the people, God’s glory filled the Temple so much that no one was able to do anything except worship Him. By examining four major steps in a building project, this book will show you ways to improve your ministry.


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