Cascading River of Love

Cascading River of Love MP3


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The song Cascading River of Love written and composed by John Pape is a Christian Praise and Worship song. The purpose of the songs is to encourage and bless worshippers. In life, difficult times one can experience moments where life is spiritually dry. That is how the song starts. It sets the stage for individuals who are in a desert place. In this dry state of existence a desire to be refreshed and renewed is sought. When it come to Jesus, He is the source of living water and the Holy Spirit desires to drench his children with the ultimate refreshment that come from God. The image of a cascading river that pours down paints a picture of that experience. It is a continual deluge of spiritual filling. It happens not once but many times over and over. However the worship needs to examine their own motives and look to be purged of the dirt that dwell in their heart. Water not only refreshes but is has the power to clean. This is a story of restoration, renewal and refreshment by the love, mercy and grace of God.

  • CCLI: 7079624
  • Title: Cascading River of Love
  • Songwriter: John Earl Pape
  • Performer: John Pape
  • Meter 6/8
  • Tempo 92 BPM
  • Key Bb
  • Copyright © 2016 John Pape
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