Cornerstone Jesus is the Rock MP3


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This song is inspired by scriptures found in the Bible. When a building is constructed one of the most important elements is the cornerstone. This is the first piece that is placed down. It is important because it become the primary reference for the entire building. If the cornerstone is placed incorrectly it will affect the integrity of the the building. The cornerstone is this song refers to Jesus. Jesus is the chief cornerstone upon which the church is built. Unfortunately, for unbelievers the cornerstone becomes a rock or offence or a stumbling block. During the time when Jesus was on earth the religious leaders eyes where blinded and were unable to see Jesus for who he was. Jesus brought salvation to the world. But for the religious leader Jesus was offensive and a stumbling block and the adamantly rejected Him. This resulted in the the most heinous earthly punishment of crucifixion. This song is about in individuals today and their relation and belief in Jesus. For the believer there is great comfort, for the non believer it is a warning.

Worship Leaders and Church Music Directors are you searching for a powerful and inspirational song for your next worship service? Look no further than “Cornerstone – Jesus is the Rock” written by Christian songwriter John Pape.

This song is based on biblical verses 1 Peter 2:7-8, Psalm 118:22 and Acts 4:10-12, and is inspired by the importance of the cornerstone in building construction. In this song, Jesus is referred to as the chief cornerstone upon which the church is built. For believers, this song provides great comfort and a reminder of the strong foundation that Jesus provides. However, for non-believers, it serves as a warning that rejecting Jesus can have disastrous consequences.

With its moving lyrics and powerful message, “Cornerstone – Jesus is the Rock” will leave a lasting impression on your congregation. Consider bringing this piece of worship music to your next service.

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