Web Site Maintenance

Research has shown that web surfers are more likely to revisit a website if the content is periodically changed.

A web site is a constantly evolving project and as such requires continual updates and maintenance. Now Mediatunes offers you an exclusive maintenance service for your site. Mediatunes offers this special service to make it easy for you to keep your web site up to date. When you need to make changes and upgrades that you require it is as good as done.

Here is what you get when you use this service.

  • Content Updates to keep information fresh and relevent
  • Text and Photograph Updates
  • Check Links for accuracy
  • Form Functionality – to make sure that they work properly
  • Changes to date-related information.
  • New Pages when you need additional information.
  • Check for spelling errors
  • Optimize pages for better search engine relevance – making it easier for you clients to find you.

Here is how it works in Four Easy Steps

  1. To make updates on your Website all you need to do is print out a copy of the web pages you require changes.
  2. Then make the necessary notes as to what changes are needed.
  3. Email them to Mediatunes.
  4. Finally be sure that you notify Mediatunes by email and include any attachment for long text. You can send either as a Word Doc or plain text

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If you would like new pages of other new addition to the website Mediatunes can help you plan it out or make sure of all your options.

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