Adding Music to Your Visual Media

Music is the universal language. It adds a refreshing dimension to your presentation. Music will allow you to “speak” to your audience in an emotional, subtle manner. Music will paint a mood by appealing to the audience’s auditory senses. Hollywood had used this technique from the very beginning. Music allows you to conjure up such feelings as love, tranquillity, nostalgia, excitement, anticipation, and fear.

Enhancing your presentation with music is easy. Music will add a professional touch to your production. There are many ways to get music for your production. One popular alternative is to use Buyout Music. Buyout music libraries allow you to use quality instrumental music without licensing hassles. Also, it is less expensive and will save you a tremendous amount of money.

It is important to note; the composer or artist original music is automatically copyrighted once it is place in a fixed medium. Fixed medium includes sheet music, tape, DAT, Audio CD, MIDI file etc. Proper permission is required prior to usage in your production – especially if it is performed publicly. Before you use any music your video, make sure you understand copyright law and have the right licenses.

The basic equipment to add music to your videos is as follows. You’ll need a CD player, cassette deck or turntable; some music; and a VCR with audio-dub capability. Of course there are other more sophisticated methods you can use. However they are more technically advanced.