Worship Ministry Resources for the Song Cascading River of Love

Worship Ministry Resources for the Song Cascading River of Love

One of the primary reasons I wrote the song Cascading River of Love is for use in worship ministry.  This song was written to bring worshiper into a better worship experience with God. It is my hope that the song will encourage, inspire and minister to anyone who participates in the song.

In life, we all experience difficult times. Moments where life is spiritually dry. This is the primary theme of the song. This desert place experience creates a desire to be refreshed. When it come to Jesus, He is the source of living water and the Holy Spirit desires to drench his children with the ultimate refreshment that come from God. The image of a cascading river that pours down paints a picture of that experience. It is a continual deluge of spiritual filling. It happens not once but many times over and over.

I invite worship leaders to consider adding Cascading River of Love to their song list. To assist in making that happen, several assets are being provided to worship leader and church music directors. Chord Charts, Lead Sheets and Audio are available.  It is my sincere hope, that the resources available here will help you learn the song.

You will find that the songs are based on principles from the Bible. As such, scripture references are available. Please take some time to evaluate, listen and pray about how you in incorporate this song into your music sets. Keep in mind, this song was written to help the church have a greater relationship with their Creator through song.

Other Worship Ministry Resources

For each song presented there are several tools that will help you learn and teach the songs. Here is a brief summary of the tools available for you.


You can learn the songs by listening to a recording of the songs. An audio player is also available to allow you to listen to song online.

Chord Chart

This tool provides you the basic chords and words to the songs. This will assist you in learning the songs.

Lead Sheet

Each song presented includes a lead sheet. This tool provides the melody, words, song structure and chords. This is a comprehensive document that helps you learn each song.


The worship songs are based on Scripture therefore references are included to help with worship service planning


How to use this song in your worship ministry

There are many positive ways you can use music to soothe, inspire & motivate!  Here are some ideas how you can benefit by using this music to complement your experience with God…

  • Worship Service Use this music to bless your congregation by offering song that glorify God.
  • Outreach Use the music for outreach into your community. The message in these songs help spread the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ.
  • Camps and Retreats Use this music to help foster community during camps and retreats.
  • Education Youth Leaders & Educators to start discussions in classroom settings
  • Reflection Play a song during reflection time in a seminar, workshop, retreat or service

Do I need permission to use this song?

I write music to share, to be heard, and to touch a many people as I can, I encourage you to use this music in your daily life, sing, meditate, pray and share it will those you love. So YES you do have John Pape’s permission to play these songs in group settings. We ask that you please email me the titles of the song(s) you are using and how they are being received.

Music, Lyrics & Charts made available through The Mediatunes Project (ASCAP) are copyright protected and registered with CCLI. They are not to be sold. Please feel free to copy and distribute to your worship team only and for the purpose of including these songs in your worship services and/or church programs. Please report usage of these songs to CCLI per your CCLI license. If you do not have a CCLI license please contact CCLI at: www.ccli.com. For all other licensing needs please contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate publishers.

Record this Song

This song exists to give glory to God. With that in mind it is available for you to use in your church worship services. I only ask a few small things of you.

First, that you please report to CCLI that the song is being used in the church service. The CCLI for this song is 7079624

Secondly, if you are using any form of visual, like printing, overhead slides, PowerPoint, etc., that you make available the copyright information, title of the song and author.

Copyright © 2016 The Mediatunes Project, Words and Music by John Earl Pape

You are also welcome to record any of my songs. This ministry is very song driven and when other artists and worship leaders record those they are assisting in fulfilling a vision. I do ask that you fill out a mechanical license, print it out and send it to The Mediatunes Project (ASCAP) with the correct check amount.

Cascading River of Love Mechanical License