God’s Glory Filled the Temple

God’s Glory Filled the Temple

In the Bible, there is a story in 1 Chronicles 5 that details the events that went into building Solomon’s Temple. What impressed me the most about this amazing story is the outcome of this event. The people worshiped God with such zeal and dedication that God’s glory filled the temple. I thought about this and was awestruck by this incredible event.

I believe that the Bible is the living Word and that it is written and published for the benefit of every human on earth. I also believe that this event in the Old Testament is something that God wants everyone to experience. God put it there to show the power of unified, single-minded, focused worship and to let mankind know that He truly wants to bless us and have an intimate relationship with Him.

Worship is an experience.

It is something that every person experiences, and I believe that every human has the built-in ability to worship. It is natural to worship, and there are different levels and objects of worship. As Christians, we should have a strong desire to worship God. After all, He is our all-powerful Creator who loves us and cares for us. Because of His great love toward us, our natural response is to honor and praise Him. Even though this is the case, we still need guidance and direction on who and what to worship.

Left up to our own desires, worship can lead to anything. The problem, of course, is sin. Sin causes mankind to oftentimes worship the wrong things.

It begins with a vision.

It was on David’s heart to build a temple that would honor God. This building needed to be representative of God’s awesome majesty. It needed to reflect His absolute greatness. This place would not be any ordinary building. It needed to be magnificent!

The event that culminates in this amazing worship event starts with a vision of King David. In the Bible, King David was a man after God’s own heart. As a result, God greatly blessed David abundantly throughout his life. He lived in a palace with great furnishings and amenities. Then one day, he realized that he was living in a more honorable dwelling place than God. During David’s reign as king, there was the tabernacle.

Before the Temple was the Tabernacle

Moses received revelation from God on how to build the tabernacle. He was given very specific instruction. God provided exact dimensions, exact materials, and exact placement of the articles. Also, highly skilled artists and craftsmen were used to build each of the items. These people were the best at what they did. It was no different when the temple was built it require people with very specific skills.

The tabernacle was a tent that housed the Ark of the Covenant and other important artifacts used by the priesthood. In addition, the Tabernacle was a place of worship where the priest did sacrifices for the people.

Then it struck David the king – he was living in the palace. God was living in a tent. And he began to wonder why he should live in a place that was better than where God was. David had a vision.

Continuing the story, a major obstacle was revealed to David. Because David shed a lot of blood in his lifetime, God did not allow him to personally build the temple. That responsibility was passed on to his son, Solomon. It became Solomon’s mission to take David’s vision and make it a reality.

Worship is directed by God for God

When the project was complete God’s Glory filled the temple. What we find in this story is the great time of worship. The desire to give God glory and to serve him is paramount. The real key to this is that God’s Spirit showed up and impacted all the worshippers in the temple. It was a revival.

This is where God visits His people in their worship. It says this: “for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God”. What an amazing visual image you can picture in your mind. This I believe is the ultimate destination for a worship leader serving in the music and worship ministry. It is to get to that point where God’s very presence is in the midst of the church and all attending freely praise Him.

So, how can we enhance our worship experience?

  • Have a heart of gratitude: Always approach worship with a heart of gratitude, thanking God for who He is and what He has done for you.
  • Be authentic: Worship is not about putting on a show or impressing others. It is about being genuine and authentic in your expression of love and devotion to God.
  • Be present: In our fast-paced world, it can be difficult to slow down and be fully present in the moment. But when we come to worship, it’s important to leave distractions behind and focus on God.
  • Engage with the music: Whether you are singing or playing an instrument, engage with the music and let it lead you into a deeper connection with God.
  • Listen to the lyrics: Pay attention to the words of the songs you are singing. Let them sink in and help you connect with God in a more meaningful way.
  • Pray: Take time to pray before and during worship, asking God to help you focus on Him and to open your heart to His presence.
  • Read the Bible: Read and meditate on Scripture before and during worship. Let it speak to your heart and guide your worship.


Worship is a powerful and transformative experience that can draw us closer to God and help us to experience His presence in a deeper way. As Christians, we are called to honor God with our worship and to seek to enhance our worship experience in every way possible. Whether you are a worship leader or simply someone who loves to worship, I encourage you to approach worship with a heart of gratitude, authenticity, and engagement, and to seek to deepen your relationship with God through this powerful act of devotion.