Music Enhances Images

Sound is one-half of every audiovisual presentation. Music plays a very important role in every soundtrack. Using music effectively makes productions stronger. Plus, music adds a musical identity to products, services and companies. As a producer you need to take as much care with your soundtrack music as you do with all the images.

Many composers compose music using an electronic orchestra to produce a synthetic score with any sounds real or imagined. When modern technology first stepped into the musical scene, it was used for creating new, never heard before sounds. Now technology has advanced to the point of being able to very closely replicate real instruments. The advantage of this is that one person can create the music of a large ensemble of various instruments. A synthetic score, therefore could consist of various sound effects as well as orchestral or contemporary sounds, all of which is very high quality.


While one person might require more time and effort, it still is less costly than hiring a real ensemble. You will save money and get the original music score you need to enhance your production and deliver your message effectively.


When you choose original music, you personalize your production. Most people recognize that when composer and director share the same vision, the resulting music is much better. Original music plays a very important role in today’s audiovisual presentations. Great music won’t save a bad production – It’s not a panacea – but it can do what no other soundtrack element can do.


  • Creates a convincing atmosphere of time and place.
  • Underlines elements of character and situation.
  • Provides a neutral background filler and helps bridge scenes.
  • Adds a unique and exciting identity to every production.
  • Is flexible, versatile, and conforms to the director’s exact needs.
  • Precisely matches scene action, drama, and emotion.
  • Enhances and supports visual imagery.
  • Increases the impact of every production.
  • Makes the message more memorable.


Music provides a mood or a audio-visual presentations. To put it more precisely, music compliments the mood suggested by the visuals. The choice of music is very important. The music should complement and enhance the mood, tempo, and pace of the visual images in the film.

Ideally, the sound and visuals should work together, but at the same time provide different types of information. Music can and should work in the same way as sound effects. The visuals provide the action and the music provides a mood and pace for that action. When using visual accompaniment to music, the two will tend to provide a broader about a information.