Press Release: Amplified Aural Adventure Music Album by John Pape Release Date August 4th, 2023

Introducing “Amplified Aural Adventure,” a stunning collection of guitar instrumentals composed, produced, and performed by the talented artist, John Pape. Set to release on August 4th, 2023, this highly anticipated album takes listeners on an immersive journey through 24 unique soundscapes, each brimming with its own distinct flavor and emotion.

New Song by John Pape Let My Life Overflow Release October 21, 2022

When describing the song, every day is a new day. How we approach it can determine the events of the day. With Christ in our lives, we have an advantage over the lost. However, we can find ourselves forgetting the wonders that God provides every day. In fact, it is a precious gift. It is a gift of freedom and grace.  As we get filled with the Spirit of God out lives will overflow. Being filled to overflowing will spill out and effect the world around us.

With lyrics like “Every breath that I take brings a song of praise” it’s clear that John Pape is serious about the importance of giving honor and praise to God

New Song by John Pape, God Has Come, Released March 18th 2022

John Pape from El Cajon California, an independent, self-managed Christian songwriter who creates worship and praise music for seekers and believers in the church, announces the release of his new single “God Has Come”. was released March 18th 2022 on various music sites that include Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon. The song Cascading River of Love is a praise and worship song written for church congregation worship services.