Christ in Me Press Release

Christ in Me Press Release


“Christ in Me” – A Powerful New Song from John Pape Now Available

(February 13, 2023) – John Pape, a talented Christian musician, singer, and songwriter, has released a new song “Christ in Me” that speaks to the mystery of Christ’s presence in a person’s heart and life. Inspired by Colossians 1:27, this powerful song speaks to the hope and freedom that comes from having Christ in us, and the glory that it brings.

The song speaks to the idea that there are many things in this life that are beyond human understanding, but that the singer has found hope and freedom in the mystery of Christ living within them. Through this relationship with Christ, the singer feels that they are made whole and part of a larger plan. The truth of this mystery is revealed through God’s love and grace, and it gives the singer hope and a sense of glory that will last forever.

“Christ in Me” is now available on all major music platforms, and it is poised to become a staple in worship services around the world. As a worship leader, you have the opportunity to bring this message of hope to your congregants through the incorporation of “Christ in Me” into your worship services.

John Pape’s mission with this song is to bring the message of hope and freedom to as many people as possible, and he is confident that “Christ in Me” will be an integral part of worship services for years to come.

For more information on John Pape and “Christ in Me”, please visit his official website.

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