Why the Ultimate Style of Worship Music Doesn’t Actually Matter

Why the Ultimate Style of Worship Music Doesn’t Actually Matter

There are different opinions regarding the style of worship music used in church services. There are two camps. On one side are the traditionalist who believe that only classic hymn should be used. On the other side are those who believe newer contemporary song should be used. The schism really lies in the instrumentation of the music. Traditional music will feature piano or organ and never incorporate percussive instruments like drums. In general, contemporary songs will utilize guitars and drums to accompaniment to the song being played.

The biggest argument traditionalist have is based on the instrumentation. Specifically, they feel that the music starts to resemble that of the secular world. And to a point they have a decent reason. However, one of the primary missions of the church is to “go into all the world and preach the gospel”. To some extent it may be necessary to “be in the world but not of the world”. Meaning that Christians need to meet people at their level. We are no good if we live in ivory towers.

Let me emphasize, the style of worship music and the division among the church can be a hinderance to the mission of the gospel. In reality, what is most important is the content of the message contained in the song lyrics. Whether it is a traditional hymn or Contemporary Christian Music, we must consider the words we sing. We need to make sure that the lyrics are true to the Bible. If the lyrics to songs we sing in the church become extra-biblical that is a case for real concern.

No matter what style of worship music your church uses, we can still make a connection with God. Our worship is not about the style of worship music, it is about our communion with God. And that stems around the attitude of the heart. It is all about a connection with to God.

Also, when it comes to discernment regarding a particular song, we need to listen to the words we are singing. If the words are God filled and based on the Bible the style of music is a peripheral issue. Meditate on the lyrics and examine the meaning. Allow the heart to turn those lyrics into meaningful worship. Keep in mind, the attitude of the heart is what allows us to connect with God and impact our lives.

In my opinion, the style of music is only a vehicle to reach a certain culture of people. The music will bridge the gap and draw them. What is important and should never waver, is the message of the song. It must be true to God’s word. Anything that deviates from God’s word is apostate and needs to be dealt with properly within the church body.

Finally, when the subject of what style of worship music should be in a church service keep this in mind. The issue is not about the song style or the instruments used or how it is sung. It is about the Word of God in your mouth as you lift your voice to Him in praise and worship.

One more thing, I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, concerns and corrections.


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