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Called to Worship Album Cover Featuring Songwriter John Pape

From intimate worship gatherings to enriching church services, from personal moments of devotion to engaging community events, these songs weave a story of spiritual connection. Allow the songs of “Called to Worship” to inspire your worship services with a holy presence, guiding the people you serve into a realm of adoration and praise. Elevate worship moments with the power of these songs, which uplift, encourage, and inspire. Add these songs to your church’s worship music repertoire. Take the next step by downloading the song resources contained in the worship album “Called to Worship”

Below you will find media assets you will need to learn each song from the Called to Worship Album. Use these songs in your worship ministry to bless and encourage the people you serve.

Song TitleMP3LeadLyricsChordsSlidesVideo
Only Sovereign Lord
Cascading River of Love
God Has Come
Where Do You Stand
Hear That Knock
Son of God
Cornerstone Jesus is the Rock
On the Third Day
I Will Call Out Your Name
Christ In Me
Everlasting Light
Praise and Honor
Let My Life Overflow
Living By Grace
Everything I’ll Ever Need
Almighty Reigns

The main goal of this resource page is to provide worship leaders with the tools to learn these songs. It does not matter what level you are. These tools are available to take these songs and share them with the people you serve. With that in mind, it is my hope that these song resources will help you become a better worship leader. I am certain that the assets here will help you do just that.

Each song presented here was written to help the worshiper worship God. I invite you to spend some time evaluate each song. Then I ask that you pray about how you in use them into your music ministry. The desired result for these songs is that the church build a solid relationship with their Creator through song. As you can see there is wealth of resources to help you learn and teach these songs.

Quite simply all you need to do is take some time to evaluate these songs. You will find that the songs a based on principles from the Bible. All the songs listed here are available for you to use in your music ministry.

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